Loving and Self Love

First, you see your wrongs and forgive

Before any form of self-love can take place, we need to start with forgiveness. This is because we are our own worst critique and our own worst enemy.

Like a scratched old movie being played too many times on an old cinema wheel — we unconsciously berate ourselves and blame ourselves for every mistake we have ever made.

This small blaming voice appears all the time. It may even run as a background subroutine on a perpetual basis that we do not even notice until an opportunity allows the voice a greater volume when a mistake is made or when an accident happens.

“ I told you so”

“ you should not have”

“ should have listened …”

Versions of these words are used to prick away our hearts shining light. This voice comes from the mind.

It is not our higher self.

It is also not our fault that this voice has a presence.

What we can do to start is to notice the voice.

Like weeds that need to be uprooted — this is an ongoing task of a gardener.

Your mind is a garden of great possibilities that tie your being to your higher consciousness of infinite love. In order to allow a garden to flourish, we need to pay attention and to look carefully at the ground, we need to check the soil.

Small unwanted voices reside like weeds in a tender garden — these weeds are not meant to grow wild, to rule. Uproot the weed of self-blame and judgment. Exterminate the presence of self-doubt and instead learn to recognise the many tell-tale signs of these unhealthy inside voices and emotional states.

When you allow stillness to dwell, your mind softens and the voices within that render no kindness can make no sound.

It is then that you will slowly look upon yourself with loving kindness, offer yourself that much-needed hug and approval. When that happens, the words you will say to yourself will be

“ it’s alright”

“ I am good”

“ I love who I am”

“ I am loved”

“ I am enough”

It is with soft words to yourself that you will heal, it is with your own tender hand that you place upon your own heart that will remove any anguish and pain.



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Arora Nin

Arora Nin is a Wellness Coach, Energy & Reiki Master, Aromatherapist who specializes in healing through guided meditation -